guide to understand and follow the mayan calendar

the mayan calendar is no just a calendar but a tool invented more than 5000 years ago, the calendar have many uses prediction or forecasting events on the future, i learned what  know after a mayan spiritual master teach me the basics and after that, study for many years, to understand concepts given by the shaman 40 years ago.  (present maya month is zotz from june 04 to jun 23, available in first mayacron page, print a copy the yellow color indicate days of high energy, when important events happen, pink color are days generaly with negative energy add day eb to these days, days in orange indicate day when tragedies or bad things like, earthquakes, sttorms, accidentes could happen, this on  a worldwide range, note this days influence extend some times their influences a few hours before or after the day inidcated, at personal level, es nesesary that you follow the instrucions in the guide)

 to make use of the calendar you have to keep a journal day by day of events happening around your life so you can see what days are better or worse.

 to help you in this quest you need to know the days that you and your ancestors  are affiliated with, for that purpose there are in this page many dates  of many years look for you year of birth and than find the day and month and choose the name associated with your date,

 dates are grouped in 13 days groups, each group has a name that dominate those days. once you find that name you can relate to one of the days on each maya month -you can copy the month on the first mayacron blog-.

the mayan calendar has 365 days divided in 18 months of 20 days each and a short month of 5 days. all;l revolve around 20 names that represent 20 forces.

 i will add more info soon, am still building this page.
logic surrounding the mayan calendar belief: on this old native American tradition when anyone is born, there is transdimensional window that opens to the spiritual plain -in fact everyday has a window or portal that opens allowing this forces to shape that day in certain ways-

 when a person is born a certain force  will attach to the newborn for such reason the baby takes the name of that day, combined with the name of the force that controls that specific 13 day cycle.  there are 20 possible names each of them rules over 13 days and they cycle like that on and on. example in the list of dates on this page you will see jul-1-13 =chuen and lets say the person was born jul-3 of that year.

that means the person was born under the control of chuen because chuen control those dates from jul 1 to 13 of that year. chuen will be the main name of that person, to find out the other force -almost anyone has 2 forces that protect or look over their life, unless the person is born in the sitting day first day of that 13 day cycle, in our example that person would have date jul 1 and only get the name chuen.

now going back to our original example jul'll do as follow:

these are the 20 names that repeat in all maya months -except by the last short month of uayeb that has 5 days-
you can write this names in a paper or do what follow right here. our example date was jul 3, we establish the rulling is chuen, the name chuen will be juljul 2 will be -eb- jul 3 will be -ben- that is it we have the person's name is ben under chuen -chuen- will be the main name and ben the companion.

lets say you look for  sept 15 as your target date in any year and you find sept 5-17= akbal    now you you de principal name is akbal, now do the same like before  sep 5=akbal, sep6 kan  sep7 chicchan  sep8 kimi  sept 9 manik  sep 10  lamat  sept11 muluk  sept12 oc  sep 13 chuen  sep14=eb and sep15 ben  that is it. the person is name ben under Dominion akbal.

with this info you are ready to follow the calendar every time you have a day akbal that is the day to honor your ancestors remember them pray for their well being and advancement in the spiritual realm. -those nights will be propitious to have revelations or dreams with such ancestors-

days of praying to the universe are the first day of each month, first day of big cycles like the tzolkin or haab had big ceremonies given in such dates -contrary to mel gibson holywood portrait mayans did not sacrifice humans-  after a few months following the calendar you will find that some days are better for you than others some forces are against you some are in your favor some are neutral.
 note to look for your date dic means december/ene  is January/abr is April other months are easy to decipher in English given similarities with Spanish.  you can send questions to